Main Theme & Topics
Topics for submissions include but are not restricted to:

  • Dermatological Management/Issues
  • Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Management of Complex Wounds
  • Nutritional Issues in Wound Healing
  • Preventative Practices
  • Product Selection and Innovations
  • Psychosocial and Quality of Life Aspects
  • Foot & Nail Care
  • other

  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Continent Diversion Issues
  • Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Product Selection and Innovations
  • Psychosocial and Quality of Life Aspects
  • Stomal/Peristomal Complications
  • other


  • Assessment Techniques
  • Complications of Incontinence: Dermatological Issues; Urinary Tract Infection; Renal Deterioration
  • Continence Clinics
  • Evidence-Based Treatment and Management
  • Issues in Bladder and Bowel Continence Management
  • Management of Intractable Incontinence
  • Psychosocial and Quality of Life Aspects
  • other

Ⅳ、Professional Practice
  • Clinical Practice Outcomes; Standards of Care; Clinical Pathways
  • Computer Software Applications: Database Programs; Statistical Packages; Educational Resources
  • Implementing a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program
  • Marketing Strategies to Staff, Administrators, Peers
  • Restructuring in Health Care Settings, Strategies for Survival
  • Role Justification Issues: Data Collection; Cost/Benefit Studies; CQI Programs Specific to the WOC Nurse Scope of Practice; WOC Role Across Practice Settings
  • Satisfaction Measurement
  • Leadership
  • Communication with patients or other health team
  • Information technology in wound, ostomy and continence care
  • other