Workshop Information
Workshop A:
Pressure Injury Prevention – Selecting a Support Surface
Sponsor APEX Medical Corp.
Date Nov. 24, 2019
Time Slot 09:00-12:30
Class Room 101A, TICC 1F
Introduction It’s comfort than you thought. Let's try different type of support surface!
Not only prevention, support surface also can help pressure wounds. There are many different type of support surface. In this workshop you will know the concept of support surface design, how to select an appropriate support surface for the patient accordingly. Finally, you will feel how comfort the mattress is when you experience the mattress in personally.
Workshop B:
Stoma Assessment and Management: Considering Individual Needs
Sponsor Coloplast Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Date Nov. 24, 2019
Time Slot 09:00-12:30
Class Room 101B, TICC 1F
Introduction This session will focus on sharing how to eliminate the burden of leakage since more than 60% of patients with stoma still suffer from leakage issues. Participants would be able to learn the assessment of body profile to ensure the recommendation of an appropriate ostomy solution (comprising adhesive shape and supporting products) is based on patients’ individual needs and could help patient to maintain healthy peristomal skin.
Workshop C:
Skin Safety: Think Skin Deep
Sponsor 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company)
Date Nov. 24, 2019
Time Slot 09:00-12:30
Class Room 101C, TICC 1F
Introduction For this workshop, we 3M will bring all the members rising up for the awareness for the Skin Safety. Skin, which is the biggest organ for our whole body it’s not only just give us the ability defense for the biotics and virus but also play an important role for our health condition element. We will be sharing different point of view from Asian countries experience and our Speaker Deb M. Thyer will lead us practice and let’s do “Think Skin Deep”.
Workshop D:
Advanced Wound Care Management Solutions
Sponsor ConvaTec (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Date Nov. 24, 2019
Time Slot 09:00-12:30
Class Room 101D, TICC 1F
Introduction To attend this workshop session, you can learn:
  • A next-generation anti-biofilm dressing (NGAD) in treating biofilm.
  • Biofilm-based wound care process in clinical.
  • Management of fungating wound, including wound evaluation, skills of irrigation, dressing selection and application.
  • Compression therapy in treating Venus Leg Ulcer.
  • Fragile skin protection in critical care patients.

  • The Organizer reserves the right to re-allocate the session to ensure balance and continuity with the main program.
  • Agenda of Symposium is subject to the approval from the Scientific Committee of APETNA 2019.